This is a living document containing conditions I intend to address with energy medicine. Items on the list will be prioritized with most important first, completed items will be bolded out with a description of which technique was used, the experienced effect of the technique as well as the date the healing was administered.

Feel free to use the list as inspiration, maybe your internal compass needs to be readjusted as well.

This is a sort of personal, mental and emotional inventory.

I’m digging in the dirt
Stay with me I need support
I’m digging in the dirt
To find the places I got hurt
To open up the places I got hurt

—Peter Gabriel, Digging in the Dirt

  • Commitment anxiety
  • Cat/dog allergy (probably suited for TAT)
  • Deservedness issues (will be fleshed out)
  • Laziness (will be fleshed out)
  • Economic (will be fleshed out)
    • Fear of envelopes
  • Social anxiety (will be fleshed out)
  • Resentment of women
  • Resentment of normal people
  • Control issues
  • Fear of being considered low value
  • I’m not confident doing energy work on other people
  • Fear of people with extremely high state
  • Fear of talking to unknown people
  • The fear I don’t have the balls to push myself out of my comfort zone.
  • Fear of hot chicks
  • Fear of drunk people when I’m sober
  • Fear of rejection
  • Inability to love unconditionally
  • Fear that people might think I’m monopolizing a conversation
  • Fear of wasting people’s time
  • Fear of looking like an idiot when doing affirmations
  • Fear of being myself
  • Fear of stealing targets
  • Fear of investing
  • Fear of being dominant
    • Fear of speaking too loudly
    • Fear of having a too animated body language
    • Fear of using kino
  • Fear of having lesser value for not scoring with a girl
  • Fear of escalation.
  • Psoriasis (not sure if this can be healed with energy medicine, but I will try. Might need to look into taming triple warmer for this)
  • Fear of masks (not the social kind, but the plastic, uncanny valley-kind)
  • Inability to take criticism
  • Motor skills impaired by observation
  • I am constrained by invisible handcuffs, afraid to take liberties
  • Intention
    • I want something from you
  • Being reaction seeking
  • I’m not happy
  • I’m low energy
  • Rage issues
  • Fear that people might think I want recognition
  • Inability to have fun while sober
  • Fear that the stuff I do is never going to be good enough if who I am isn’t
  • Fear of overshadowing the friendly alpha
  • Eating until it’s empty, not until I’m full
  • Afraid to create and hold tension

If you see stuff on the list you have bad experiences clearing, let me know. I still have no idea how to unclear things, or if it’s even possible. Now, some points might be to harsh on myself, so I will use muscle testing to see what are real problems and what is not. Also, some of these are just typical sticking points in the community.

Administered treatment

These ailments have been treated:

  • Not enough balls to hold eye contact (2008-11-22, TAT, plainly, problem, opposite, origins. 5 minutes at Politikeren.)
  • Fear of female sexuality (2008-11-26: TAT: Problem, opposite, places, origins, forgiveness, whatever’s left, integration, EFT, refined reminding statement to a fear of not being able to control female sexuality, experienced intensity at 2 or below)
  • Neediness (2008-11-25: TAT: Problem, opposite, places, origins, forgiveness, whatever’s left, integration)
  • Jealousy (2008-11-25: TAT: Problem, opposite, places, origins, forgiveness, whatever’s left, 2008-11-26 EFT, reminding statement refined to include my SO having sexual relations with others and feelings of attraction towards others) What are options to becoming jealous? I nominate feeling nothing, acceptance and having the willingness to walk away. Of these only the latter two are in any way acceptable to me, I think. Enlighten me?
  • The need to spend money to get approval (2008-10-22, TAT, plainly formulated, real life results will be reported) Preliminary real life results (2008-11-11), problem seems gone.
  • No feeling of self-worth (2008-12-02: TAT, steps 1-4, plainly formulated.)

I will write full reports on all these points, to what degree these things are still bothering me after the method has been applied. I’ve also committed to doing at least one item every day. Why? It seems like time extremely well spent.

The TAT Protocol I use

These are the steps in the TAT protocol I use. I use testing (ring and long finger on knee) to determine if a step is needed or not. If I’m in doubt, I do it. I feel really lucky because when I get a TAT-release, I yawn out loud.  It’s very easy to figure out when I can move to the next step.

  • Step 1: The Problem
  • Step 2: The Opposite of the Problem
  • Step 3: The Places
  • Step 4: The Origins
  • Step 5: Forgiveness
  • Step 6: Parts
  • Step 7: Whatever’s Left
  • Step 8: Choosing
  • Step 9: Integration

This is pretty much the TAT-protocol described in the free PDF-download at Go check it out. I leave it here so I don’t have to refer to a second document to do the exercise.

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